Saturday, October 17, 2009

Taco Salad-- My grandma sent me packets of Taco seasoning in the mail... something I miss, something that you cannot get in Prague. I used one package the other day and made a yummy Taco Salad!
One of my favorite things to do on Saturday or Sunday afternoon is go to PAUL bakery. It is a French chain, but the first time in Prague, and it has INCREDIBLE breads and pastries. I usually take Tram 20 from Dejvice to Andel (about a 15 minutes tram ride), where I enjoy superb espresso and buy bread for the week. I often buy the Muesli bread- a wheat bread with oats and grains, but the Olive bread -with big green and black olives, is my favorite. Today, I decided to try the Raisin bread because a co-worker swears it is one of the best loaves in the bakery. She wasn't kidding- I toasted it, slapped some Peanut Butter on top and it was delightful! This might have trumped the olive bread as my favorite!
On Monday, I leave for Rome. I am staying at a hotel not far from many of Rome's main attractions... I am excited and only slightly apprehensive about traveling on my own- the benefits include being on my own agenda, taking as much or as little time in a museum as I want, eating when and where I want, and reading an entire book at numerous cafes over many cappuccinos. I usually travel with people because I like to have the security of "being in it together". This trip to Rome, alone, without my friends is a journey I feel ready to take-- I need the experience at least once- I have to bust out of my introverted shell and meet some people on my own! I just hope my trusty map of Rome, which happens to be in Czech, does what it needs to and gets me around with some adventure!
Ciao Friends...

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