Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roma- Day 3!

The famous Trevi Fountain. Remember yesterday I went and couldn't stand the crowds... well, I read in the Lonely Planet ITALY guide that going in the morning allows you to better enjoy the fountain before the crowds overtake it. True! It was lovely. I sat there for about 10 minutes admiring the stone work and listening to the water flow. I threw a euro in and instead of wishing for something random and whimsical, I said a prayer for others who are less fortunate than myself- who cannot eat, who live in poverty let alone take trips to Rome.
I moved on from the fountain to the Pantheon. The columns are massive and the dome ceiling is super cool! The inside of the Pantheon is really detailed with marble and sculptures all around.
Before I went to the Spanish Steps, I happened to walk too far toward the river and ended up at Castel de St Angelo. I planned to come here tomorrow along with my visit to the Vatican which is about 1/2 mile up the road. I walked around the structure and along the bridge and it was just beautiful. It isn't a traditional castle with turrets and arches and all details on the outside of the building. Instead, it is solid stone and rather ugly, but located along the river and with the sculptures along the bridge it brings a different beauty to this structure.
And here they are, the Spanish Steps... well they are under all the people! I walked to the top of them and sat down to rest my feet and look at he view. It was busy busy here, and full of beautiful people shopping on Via de Condotti- Prada, Hermes, Gucci, Cavalli, Burberry, etc., - you want designer this is your district. For me, it is just enough to walk down that street, because fortunately for my bank account (and whoever marries me) I am not a designer type of girl! The rest of the day, I spent walking around Rome, wandering in and out of shops, buying Italian leather boots (oh baby!), eating pizza and gelatto, and just soaking up the sunshine- t-shirt weather people and I should have brought my sunscreen!
Piazza de St. Peter and St Peter Basilica. I will venture closer to the other side of this square to what is referred to as Vatican City. But today, since I was so close, I decided to walk over and experience the buzz of the masses (no pun intended) while the sun was shining. Tomorrows weather looks like rain so I plan to be inside the Vatican Museums with guided audio tour in hand (and ear)... until I can't take it anymore! For now, I am on to my regular evening ritual which includes a good Italian meal, a glass of wine to un-wine-d (get it!) and then to my bed to relax my achey bones from all the walking! I bought a book yesterday at the Colosseum called "The Christians and the Fall of Rome"- so far it is a very interesting read! Hope you are all well and enjoying the updates. I wish you were here- all of you, and if you come visit me in Prague, we may just have to make a weekend trip to Rome! Ciao-- Nikki

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