Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A weekend in Prauge...

This weekend I did two very different things, I explored the city with Ana and put together some of my IKEA furniture. Here is a brief visual tour for you: the photo above was taken at Staromestka Square in Stare Mesto. Ana and Carrie live near there on Valentinska st. Ana and I walked all around this part of the city in order to get more acquainted with their neighborhood!

Later that evening, (after another long metro ride to IKEA for the last of my "settling" in purchases) Ana and I met up with Carrie and Ana's friend Ahmed for dinner and a stroll through Mala Strana. We decided to walk down the Charles Bridge. This is always a test of my patience as the bridge is a major tourist attraction AND under construction so it is crowded and often annoying when people stop in the middle of the small pathway to take a picture. Darn tourists! he he he But this photo above is of a curcifixion, and despite an atheistic society, this fixture on the Charles Bridge is a sheer reminder to me of the love that I have been given and the reason I am here in Prauge.. to share that love.
The structures in Prauge are absolutly incredible. I have been taking many photos of beautiful buildings which I plan to devlop and turn into postcards, and a few I might have blown up into poster size images. They would be stunning on my apartment walls.
Then there was the IKEA furniture. Oh my! my wrist and forearm never hurt so much in my life after putting together only two of five things I purchased at IKEA. They may deliver for cheap, but assembly is not cheap, so I opted to take on the building feat by myself! So far, I have built a short, three drawer dresser for my bedroom and a bookshelf for my living room, shown below!

The best part of my weekend was Sunday evening. Carrie and I went to Prauge Christian Fellowship, a church in Karlovo Namesti (square) located about a 10 minute tram ride from Carrie's apartment. She visited last week and from her explaination of the sermon, worship, and the general atmosphere it sounded like this might be a great place for my to visit. It is a relatively small church, with a community of people ranging in numbers from 40-80 depending on the time of year. It is very international in the sense that the people are from all over the world and gather here to hear english-speaking sermons/worship. After finding out seats, we were immersed in a time of worship that filled my spirit in a way that I have needed for some time. It was great... no it was like home. The general pastor and his wife are super relaxed and very inclusive of the entire community working together to make the church flow as a collaborative body of Chirst. It was very refreshing. After the service, people are invited to meet at the local pizza place for conversation and getting to know each other. Carrie and I were introduced to two women, Ariah and Teresa, whom are both close to our age. Tersea leads a home group during the week. We went to the pizza joint and had a lovely time exhanging stories and getting to know them. We were joined off and on by other church goers who would stop by the table and engage in quick "get to know you" type conversatons. We were also joined by a couple from England, who have been travelling through Europe. They were muscians/teachers and also christians. They were just visiting the one Sunday as they were just passing through, but they were lovely and we had great conversation that turned into email exchanging and "let's stay in touch". This is the essence of an international church. it is made up of a body of regular, international living people and weekly/mnthly visitors of those traveling but whom want to be in church on Sunday. I really feel that Prauge fellowship will be my home church, and I plan to get involved with a home group and eventually, I would like to help with worship. Regardless of my involvment, the Lord has blessed me once again by hearing my prayers and providing for my needs.
To close this blog, let me say that I never cease to be amazed at the opportunites created and expereinced with International travel/living. I have met so many wonderful people who are living or visiting Prauge for all kinds of reasons.. and each has begun to shed light on the opportunities the Lord has for me in Prague. I am happy to say that I am adjusting well, loving life, and as each day goes by, I really feel like I have found a home in Prauge... for now, I know I am where I am supposed to be, but I am still open to the various paths my future might hold.
I miss you all -- all my love-- Nikki


  1. I love reading these detailed accounts of what is going on. Keep them coming! Your life sounds so exciting right now my friend!

  2. It is just so beautiful there! I'm so happy for you, and it sounds like you found the perfect church :) xoxo Chels