Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fireworks and food!

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I heard loud booming noises coming from somewhere in the city. Obviously, it was fireworks but I didnt see anything outside my main floor windows. I realized that the sounds were coming from the back of the building so I ran upstairs and heard both loud fireworks and people cheering. So, I stood there on my bedroom terrace and watched the fireworks coming from some big event in Dejvice.
What a special thing to stand in my pjs and watch this spectacular show. I love it! The following is a 48 second video of the show... bear with the shifting camera.. not sure what I was doing...

Neat, huh? Nothing unlike fireworks in Portland, but fun that I was watching from my own apartment. This evening, I met Carrie, Ana and her friend in Stare Mestro for dinner at Bohemian Bagel. It is more americanized food which tasted soooooo good tonight. I have not yet filled my fridge with enough food to cook. I basically eat bread with meat and cheese and a piece of fruit in the morning or granola... and yes, I was able to buy soymilk here. I usually eat at the school cafeteria for lunch because it is inexpensive, tasty, and there is always a hot and cold choice. So far I have tried: pizza, pasta with red pepper sauce, spaghetti, swedish meatballs and rice (not my favorite...), and roast chicken with potatoes (one I really liked). The catering company that took over the cafeteria this year is new and more gourmet tasty. In the evenings, if I don't meet my friends for dinner and/or beers I usually fix a salad. So far, that is my eating habits. I have tried Czech Goulash which is fabulous... and Czech wine will grow on me. At first it appears flat or dull but after a few tastes you cane taste the flavor... it really needs time to settle. Apparently, this is the time of season for great wine tasting in Vinohrady... yes mom, I will make my way down there in September to taste and take pictures for you!
This blog isnt gonna be too long because I have three detailed emails to address and respond to for school, children's files to read, and I am already so tired my eyes are heavy. Today was full of meetings, meetings, meetings at school... and meeting the entire faculty- hugely overwhelming! I love you all. --Nikki

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