Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Prague.. I'm here!

Dobry Den, (hello)
Well, I made it... some 22 hours and one temporarily lost bag, but I have arrived. Last night, was a whirlwind of events. Cindy, the elementary principal, picked me up at the hotel. I was very late meeting her because the airlines misplaced one of my 4 duffel bags- the one with the majority of my shoes and winter clothing, sweaters, and coats! After waiting a few extra minutes to see if it would come around the conveyer belt, I filed a missing bag claim with Czech airlines- and that wasn't quick since four others were missing their bags too!! Cindy had all the administration looking for me in the airport, at the hotel, calling for the next airline arrival from Amsterdam, etc. She was about five minutes from giving up when I walked out of customs pushing an oversized load on my little roller cart and smiling despite worrying that I might freeze this winter without my coats! All is well now.. the bag arrived this morning.
I am currently living in a hotel room about 5 minutes from the school campus. It is a nice place, very clean and european in nature with a very nice and helpful staff and a yummy breakfast in the morning! Last night, after about an hour to shower and rest, I met many of the new teachers as well as the administrative staff. We had a wonderfully tasty dinner full of meat, cheese, wine, beer and Czech Goulash- which was AMAZING- and lots and lots of conversation. By 10pm Czech time, I had to leave the party and go to sleep because I was so exhausted from traveling.
This morning, I ate breakfast with ISP's new high school counselor and her husband, who relocated from Taipei, Tawain (interestingly, they came from the same school that contacted me for a first grade position in early in February.) They are both very sweet people who love to travel and have many stories from their many visited places.
I have made two friends already! Ana, is the new middle school Spanish teacher. She was born and raised in Bilbao, Spain (which is where my brother's partner, Maria is from...) Ana reminds me a lot of Maria- lively, entertaining and lots of fun to be with. She comes to ISP from teaching in Moscow. Carrie is the new teacher 9th/10th English and History teacher. She is originally from Iowa but has come to ISP from Jakarta, Indonesia where she taught at the International school for her first time the last two years. She is also interested in finding ministry opportunities in Prague... so that is exciting.
Today the three of us set out to explore the city together. Our first stop was the building which Ana will live in. There was an apartment for rent there which Carrie viewed and ended up renting! Both of them have beautiful high ceilings and tile floors... very interesting apartment layouts! They will be only three short stops on the Metro from my apartment... but Ana has already invited me to stay in her spare bedroom when we all hang out on weekends.
Here is the brief list of my accomplishments today:
1. Purchased Czech cell phone
2. Purchased Transportation pass
3. Set up Czech/Euro bank accounts
4. Escorted Carrie to sign the lease of her apartment
5. Viewed Ana's apartment
6. Drank Czech beer and explored Stare Maesto with Ana

That is all for now. Tomorrow I get to tour the school and have dinner with the administration again. To end this blog let me tell you that I am praising the Lord for providing me with a spirit that is willing and open to change. I thank the Lord for quickly bringing two friends into my life and for the calm peaceful feelings I have right now. I am sure in the next few weeks I will experience a variety of emotions... but for now, my friends, I do not feel overwhelmed and I am excited to continue exploring and adjusting to this beautiful city!

na shlednaou (good bye) -- Nikki

P.S photos to come!

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  1. soo awesome I am glad to hear your inhabiting Prauge so well! I am super thankful to be hearing all about your new path in life. Keep on Keepin On!!