Monday, August 3, 2009

2 days until takeoff

"I wish I could bring you along on this journey, but I've got a place in my heart for you all and Lord give me strength..."

These are the words to a song that has been playing in my ipod the past week. In just 2 days, I will be checking 4 large duffel bag and a sending a few boxes by post and leaving Oregon to begin a new life journey in Prague. Wow! It is really, and finally happening. A dear friend recently relocated to Chile and she said to me in a recent Facebook post that, "emotions, some of which you have never experienced before, will come in waves." I expect this to be true. I have yet to feel the entire weight of my decision to move half way across the world- away from my friends, my family and familiar places. I expect to feel the emotions as I settle into my new home- alone for the first time. But let me tell you that the butterflies I feel in my stomach are not like those you get the first time you make a speech in front of many people, rather they are like the butterflies you get anticipating the first date with a boy you have had a crush on... the mysterious, giddy, anxious, where-is-this-gonna-lead butterflies! But I will miss you all...

"And though it's hard to say goodbye, we hear the call and respond... through turns and forks in the road there's a path that brought us all... with the Lord our bond is strong- strong enough to keep us moving on."

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