Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shopping Trolleys... and Farmářské tržiště Holešovice!

 What is a shopping trolley you might ask? Well, it is the pull-along shopping cart that you see people of all ages using to cart their purchases throughout the city. My British friends refer to is simply as a trolley and they laugh at me for owning and using this portable transfer device! A few of my fellow American trolley owners call it our SUV... and since none of us currently own cars, and since we all mainly use public transportation- this reference is pretty hilarious. So in essence we do own wheels... two wheels, to be exact, which help us get around this lovely walk-able city we like to call Praha!
 This morning, before the rain started, I took my SUV out for a spin and joined a few friends for a journey to the Holesovice Farmer's Market. Really this market it is more like a large vegetable and fruit warehouse located within the same grounds as an outdoor clothing and other goods market. But inside the "market" are many different vendors selling their edible goods...

 The fruit and vegetables are abundant and plenty colorful...

and the vendors are stocked with parsnips, peppers, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, grapes, apples, plums, and many other yummy seasonal items...
 Here I am with my SUV (already more than half full) with plenty of healthy goodies including farm fresh eggs and of course one of my favorite seasonal flowers...


 So, you might ask what did you actually buy Nikki? Well, I filled my SUV with fresh figs, peaches, pears and a baby cantaloupe. All sorts of veggies including, corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, tomatoes, three types of lettuce and fresh basil. YUM! 
and of course, my Dahlias and fresh eggs...

 Healthy looking fare... and at a more than fair price, too!

 The greens are gorgeous!!!

 I bought my beets from stall #11 where my good friend Liezel told me the vendor has the best fresh herbs. And she was right- my basil is amazing and of course, I couldn't resist these great looking beets! Thanks for the tip Liezel...

Once I arrived home and unpacked my SUV, I arranged my Dahlia's into multiple vases and placed them around my flat... I love the color they add to my home.

Oh, yah, and I found gords too which makes this centerpiece very Autumn-ish!!

 Another bunch of spiky Dahlias... in my Artel bee-hive vase!

Over a lingering lunch at Maitrea (a favorite vegetarian restaurant in Old Town) Allison, Anne and myself talked about what we might do with our purchases. We all like to cook and have fun swapping ideas and recipes. I enjoy trying new tastes and attempting new recipes. Now that I know where this farmer's market is, well, you can bet that I will be adding even more innovative creations to my dinner table- and to my friend's palate! The availability and choice inside this market offers cooks alike many possibilities- especially with the addition of favorite seasonal items!

Dobre Chut! Hope you too are enjoying your own favorite seasonal delights... - Nikki

 Recent photo taken a few weeks ago at Pivovarsky Klub... a newer Praha find and an excellent pub with many house beers on tap as well as plenty of imports from around the world! 
Click the link below if you want a interactive taste of this "beer club"!

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  1. Ma che buono!!! What a delightful selection of produce you picked up today! Long live our SUV's! I love mine and never visit the market without it! Those non-owners are really missing out and their backs are gonna pay for it! Glad you found good stuff at stall #11. Loved the post!