Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer's nature...

Clackamas River: Oregon

Fish Creek Trail on the Clackamas River: Oregon

Fish Creek: Nature's cooler!

While I was visiting Oregon earlier this summer, I enjoyed a day on the Clackamas River with friends.  I discovered this swimming hole with my friend, Mandie, three summers ago! It's called Fish Creek Campground located on the Clackamas River and the Fish Creek trail head. We camped there multiple times the summer of 2007. It is a quiet spot along the upper Clackmas. At this particular spot there is a cliff-jumping hole on the west side of the river where rafting guides stop to let their rafters take the plunge before they continue there journey along the rapids. On the east side of the river is where Fish Creek trail and the actual creek originate. The water is cold and you have to "ford" the creek, so to speak, in order to get to the "beachy" area. At this part of the river there is a somewhat safe, swimming hole void of much current and so far I have never experienced any major under-toe! However, the water is cold in early July... much different temperature than when I was there in August and September of 2007. But with the Portland temperatures bordering 90 degrees last week, this was a refreshing get away from the city! And with the water level being so high after the extreme Spring rainfall, it became an adventure to carry our beers, chairs, personal belongings, and occasionally each other across the creek. A task well worth the effort to find some relief from the heat. Today the temperatures in Prague are only suppose to be in the upper 20's- a relief from the hot weather in the 30's. (That is upper 70's vs mid 80's for you who are not familiar with the metric system!) Right now, there is a cool breeze coming through the window and the storm clouds are forming but rolling by without much action. I love summer thunderstorms almost as much as I love Oregon Coast thunderstorms- the sky is so beautiful. 
 Sunrise meets the storm clouds early this morning! 

But in this hot European weather, it is hard to cool off without lush lakes! Summer in the City is not as much fun as I thought it would be... and I realize that I have been spoiled living in Oregon- growing up on the lake in Lake Oswego and having access to various other water spots- most of them no further then 30 minutes drive from the city! Supposedly there are a few "beaches" in the city here in Praha- but swimming in the polluted Vltava is a risk only a brave, thick-skinned fish should take. I have done some internet searching for local lakes close to Praha. I intend to find a couple of them next week.... with friends or by myself I will find a way to cool down from the summer heat! I think that it is time to get a bit adventurous... either that or I will melt! Cau Cau - Nikki

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