Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brady Bunch Photo- Take Two!

"Hey, hey were the [Humes]... people say we monkey around!" And we do! 
Here is the 2nd edition of the classic, "Brady Bunch" photo. 

Socks... the old Hume cat! 
He was napping during the Brady Bunch photo shoot... but he is still part of the family. 

Well, this is the last weekend I will be in Oregon until Summer 2011. It has been a family-filled and relaxing three weeks. I will miss the ease of living in an English-speaking environment... the lush greenery, floating on the lake with one of my closest friends, authentic Mexican food, and easy access to my friends via general vicinity, text messages, and local time zones! However, I am looking forward to sleeping in the middle of my queen size bed (instead of a twin), coming and going on my own time instead of my dad's bedtime, and avoiding traffic via underground, public transportation and walking instead of driving everywhere! I will soon kiss my family and the old, Hume cat goodbye (for now) and I look forward to starting another year in Praha... and a new year of blogging! 
Cau Cau

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