Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where in the world is Nikki?

 Where have I been you might ask? Well, right now I am in Praha where the snow is steadily falling and building up so much it is threatening to shut down public transportation!
 And here is the evidence of build up on my terrace...

And here is the view from my front windows! At some point I might not be able to see out my window anymore!

Since October I have been keeping busy both by traveling and working! This blog post is a visual update of my whereabouts starting with my mom's visit to Europe over October holiday! 

 Who is that beautiful lady in the beautiful Autumn leaves? My mama...

 Mom and Nikki tour the inside and out of the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague Castle.

On Sunday, mama met my good friends Anne, Liezel, Jesus and Allison (not pictured). We went for breakfast at cukr, Kava, Limonada in Mala Strana then took a stroll over the Charles Bridge.

After a few days hanging out in Praha, mama and I headed to Italy- to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

We endured a little rain, a little wind (and rocky seas) and then we got a day of sunshine! 
 Mama was looking forward to getting sandals made for us... new shoes made for our own feet- yes please- like mother like daughter!!
 One of our days was spent on the Island of Capri off the Amalfi Coast. It was stunning.. and we ended up on an adventure walking (forever!) to the Blue Grotto! It was too rough to tour but still very neat to see the water.
 Mama got to put her feet into the Mediterranean Sea!

And we enjoyed gourmet foods such as this lemon cake and cappuccino! 

 We ate calamari and laughed together!

and of course... we drank plenty of vino! 

It was so fun having my mama in Europe with me- to see where I live and meet my friends. It was also fun to travel with her and see her expressions to many things European- like Naples!! 
Following my mama's visit, Liezel, Allison and myself co-hosted a Pumpkin Party on Halloween weekend. I made Pumpkin-Ricotta Stuffed Shells with pasta I brought back form Italy! 
 The shells were incredible...

 but Liezel's Peanut Butter Cake Chocolate cake is sooooooo yummy!

 Three beautiful hostesses ready for carving!

 Liezel and I carved Hello Kitty into our pumpkins!

 Derek is concerned about my pumpkin-carving skills...
... but I think we did well!

Following Halloween, I went to Nice, France for Professional Development.
  For five days, I enjoyed the beautiful coast along Southern France.
"Hey! Now I have seen the Mediterranean sea from three countries this year- Spain, Italy, and France!

 I was traveling with my two friends- Susan and Lindsey. We all attended pre-conferences in addition to the general ECIS teacher conference... but we were smart and flew in a day ahead of the conference using our Czech holiday and day off school to explore the Provence area!
 We took the train to Antibes, where we walked along the water, explored the outdoor "farmers" market and then made special lunch purchases...
 ... goat cheese, mixed olives, fruit, freshly baked bread and sliced ham and salami!

We ate our picnic water-side, in the sunshine and seriously, we couldn't have asked for a more relaxing and enjoyable day!
Following our return from Antibes, we shopped and explore more of old town Nice before ending our day at this fantastic vino bar! 

We were lucky enough to be in France for Beaujolis Nouveau... New Wine Day! 
We tasted a bottle with hints of cherry... not our favorite thing we tasted while in France...
 ... but this came close... fresh cream- thick and unsweetened but oh so tasty!

On the last night in Nice, we went to dinner with many of the faculty who were at the conference. I had the Sea Bream with a side salad and grilled Aubergine and peppers!
So tasty! 

Southern France was lovely... sunshine, being near the water, and wandering the quaint, winding streets of Old Town was an exciting way to spend a week in mid-November!

But the fun doesn't stop there... tune in this weekend (the next blog) for a look at our 2010 Multicultural Turkey Day and the Nuremberg Christmas Market Adventures! 

Cau for now!

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  1. Such a fun way to remember the good times! Keep them rolling Nikki and I hope the snow won't bury us in!